The GRire library is also hosted in the Sourceforge page.

Golden Retriever - an open source Image Retrieval Engine

Bag Of Visual Words Implementation

This project is a collection of tools for implementing the BOVW model. So apart from the image analysis tools, it also offers methods from the field of Information Retrieval (weighting models etc) adjusted to meet the Image Retrieval perspective.

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Fully Customizable

Every step of the Bag of Visual Word model's process is created focusing on its customizability. It is easy for the user to create his own parts of the process and integrate them to the library through the easy-to-use plugin system and test them.

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Efficient, fast and thread-safe storage

The GRire Library uses the very powerfull MapDB that provides fast and efficient storage and serialization of the data. This embedded database ensures great speed and efficiency with very large amount of data.

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